Wednesday, December 2

New album in 2010!

Can I get a hell yes? Hell yes! This is according to brooklynvegan, and Vapor's website backs it up! I have hopes for "My Affected Accent" and "Older Girl". Which means, if history is any indication, there's no way in hell those songs will be on the album.

In other news, those of you who are getting to enjoy the Jonathan Richman experience on this tour, consider sending me or any of my lovely comrades a review of the show! We love to hear about it.

I got too excited and almost reposted a video from a few days ago. Whoops a doodle. So here's a different one, of Jonathan doing his thing at the Makeout Room. Whenever I see him perform, I'm always reminded of that old song of his, "Just About Seventeen". I mean, he's obviously gotten older, but there is something about him that is completely ageless, that makes him come across as much younger than he actually is. Part of that, I think, is the fact that after all these years, he still doesn't seem bitter or jaded to the whole thing. 99.5% of the stories I've heard about him show him being a kind and decent person. Or maybe it's just the dancing. I don't know, but I enjoy it.

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