Wednesday, August 19

I have a treat for you fine people!

I know I've been kind of incognito lately, between moving and my birthday last week...well...okay, I've been incredibly lazy as well. It's my last week of freedom!

He also told a lovely wine-based joke.

But, I bring you good tidings. My amazing friend Caitlin (you will recognize her as the girl that does all of my concert photography, like the one in this post.) found this song online and shared it with me. I had to share it with the world. It is something between a musical concert review and a story of lost love. It's by a guy named Scotter, who I have been unable to find anything about online. But he has this song. and it's great. Easily one of my favorite songs about Jonathan. The Jonathan impression in the middle of the song is worth the price of admission.

At The Jonathan Richman Show

I don't know how long this link will stay, so if it's gone and you have to have this, email me.

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