Thursday, July 23

Stuff that makes me happy for 500, Alex.

First of all, I love it when life is just a little strange. It should be. It needs to be. In that vein, I love this mildly surrealistic artist's rendering of a young Jonathan Richman. Not only are the Martian Martians coming, but Jonathan is among them.

This whole set holds a treasure trove of work like this, with a lot of these portraits. The artist's name is Owen Schumacher, and you should most definitely go check out his work here, and also on his blog, along with many other cool things.

You know, if anyone else has artwork of any stripe, either by or of Jonathan, I'd love to see it. Email me. Maybe I can get a big 'ol post of it in.

NEXT. I am so thrilled to have found this song online. If you have not gotten to hear "My Affected Accent", the song that's making the tour rounds lately, now's your chance! Youtube is truly the bringer of light.

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