Thursday, February 12

Oh God, I'm a terrible human being

So, 2 full months later, here I am again. I could give you a myriad of excuses as to why I was gone, including but not limited to: finals, computer problems, two jobs, and the holidays, but you don't really care, so I'm not going to. It is WAY too late to give a full review of the concert I went to, being as it was more than two months ago and is now old news, but let me say it was amazing as always, and even my friend who hates concerts had an incredible time. I nearly froze to death in Olympia because I am a moron, and we all almost died driving home in the whiteout. But the best part of all: I ACTUALLY MET JONATHAN RICHMAN! Yay me! He was incredibly nice, and I discovered my incredible lack of charm when I'm busy staring at the floor and being incredibly shy. But any whozle, I am back, and have now carved out a time every week to do what I'm supposed to.

Starting with, you can see the photos I have actually gotten around to uploading here.

A video of the concert I was at (Not mine, I was right in front after fighting the cold for an hour for the privilege). He was in rare form.

and my sincere promises to do better in the future!

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