Thursday, October 16

Jonathan and Ernie Brooks

In 1998, Jonathan and Ernie played together again in NYC for Joey Ramone's birthday party. This video shows the two friends, backed by Tom Larkins, literally reinventing "girlfen" and "roadrunner". Jonathan is laughing while leading this "power trio'', (remember Cream, ... or Zuba).
Ernie is blonking his electric bass while Jonathan is getting "string effects" from his acoustic guitar.
"Roadrunner" is a song I have asked several times on request to Jonathan at his concerts but he never took my request. Here is a chance to get a relatively recent - 10 years - renddition of this eternal song.
Jonathan does not consider it as a classic though : " Louie Louie" is a classic, "Gloria" is a classic , "Roadrunner" is not a classic!!"
See how Jonathan is wrong because "Roadrunner" is thee classic from the 70's.