Sunday, July 20

One Kind Of Cheese And One Kind Only

After 8 years of working at San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department, this guy finally had himself a Jonathan encounter. Apparently, Jonathan frequents the store and is unsurprisingly a creature of habit when it comes to his cheese.

Here is Andreas's breathlessly cute story, courtesy of

Thursday, July 10

Tuesday, June 24

An interview of Ernie Brooks

For all Modern Lovers fans, you can find a detailed interview of Ernie Brooks by Legs Mc Neil (co-author of the celebrated "Please Kill me" book) by clicking here

Tuesday, March 25

Jonathan Richman celebrates Lou Reed’s birthday!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #15: Jonathan Richman celebrates Lou Reed’s birthday!

Listen to that great radio show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco from March 3d, which is available HERE

Jonathan for the first time tells about his meeting with the Velvets, the recording of  "Loaded" and pays tribute to his youth hero, Lou Reed. A real must listening !!