Thursday, August 21

Yoga In His Toga


Kate Kingsmill of the Sydney Morning Herald reflects on JR&ML, The Doors, VU, U2 and Venice Beach. I can't tell if the author is literally in Venice Beach, or has been transported there by the music.  
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Sunday, July 20

One Kind Of Cheese And One Kind Only

After 8 years of working at San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department, this guy finally had himself a Jonathan encounter. Apparently, Jonathan frequents the store and is unsurprisingly a creature of habit when it comes to his cheese.

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Thursday, July 10

Tuesday, June 24

An interview of Ernie Brooks

For all Modern Lovers fans, you can find a detailed interview of Ernie Brooks by Legs Mc Neil (co-author of the celebrated "Please Kill me" book) by clicking here