Thursday, April 12

Interview #15 : Greg "Curly" Keranen

Thanks to Bob, I managed to contact Greg “Curly” Keranen who must be the ultimate Modern Lover, the musician whose collaboration with Jonathan has lasted the longest time, though Tom Larkins must be close. He is still involved in Jonathan's projects today and they are close friends.

(picture courtesy of G. Keranen)

Curly as a bass player became famous for the opening lines of “Egyptian Reggae." He started to work with Jonathan already when he was in the Rubinoos. He is part of the historical Modern Lovers line-up which recorded “Rock’n Roll with the Modern Lovers." He was also with Jonathan at the time of the Rockin Robins.

All the details are explained by Greg below and the infamous “lost full orchestra album” story is eventually clarified. Greg has also been interested for ages in Brazilian music, bossa nova and jazz; he even played with Stan Getz who is the perfect link between both musical channels. To us he is Greg “Curly” Keranen, to the bossa nova fans he is João Dilberto, his alter ego, moreover he is a trained computer expert. He has his own website which I encourage you to visit at


Read the rest of this fantastic and thoughtful conversation our wonderful multilinguist Jacques_ had with Greg Keranen backstage. It's long, but I promise it's brilliant and well worth your time!

-- rb


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