Tuesday, December 19

Revolution Summer update

Jonathan Richman is executive producer of Miles Montalbano's film Revolution Summer, produced also by Miles Montalbano and Liz Ross. The three were formerly in a band with Charles Gonzales called Sun of Mercury. Montalbano filmed Richman for the DVD Take Me to the Plaza, and is his brother-in-law.

Revolution Summer is the debut feature film from writer/director Miles Montalbano. The film stars Mackenzie Firgens (Groove, Quality of Life), Samuel Child (The Hamiltons), and Lauren Fox (Pi, Noon Blue Apples), and features an original score by Jonathan Richman (The Modern Lovers, There’s Something About Mary).

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Richman and Montalbano previously collaborated in 2001 on the Super-8 film Love and the Monster:

Speaking of Roger, his son Miles Montalbano has just finished a new short film and is premiering it at Duffy's on Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. It stars one of Chico's true talents, Samantha Perry, and features an original soundtrack by Jonathan Richman. more

Duffy's in Chico, California is a favorite gig for Jonathan Richman:

The always entertaining Richman was indeed back for two heartfelt nights in intimate Duffy's Tavern, a favorite home club of sorts for the constantly touring "proto punk" and his stoic partner, standing drummer Tommy Larkins on the glittering cocktail kit. more

The film apparently began as an anti-war protest effort and evolved during post-production, done by Montalbano in Richman's San Francisco home, into something more subtle (and questioning):
Revolution Summer is in many ways a fantasy film--a Bush-era digital retelling of Orwell's 1984 ... Montalbano intends to take Revolution Summer on the road next year even if the film meets with festival success. "I look forward to getting in the van, hitting the road, and touring it like a rock band. That would be fun." (Montalbano) more from ReleasePrint (PDF)

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