Thursday, July 27

YouTube/ "The Origin of Love (Reprise)"/ Wig in a Box

lots to watch at YouTube:

"New England"

"I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar"

Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, Summer 1981

Makeout Room 2005

these have Modern Lovers music but no Jonathan:

"Egyptian Reggae" (old BBC television footage)

One Big Flipbook (oddly fascinating, set to "Egyptian Reggae")

"She Cracked" (interesting animation)

As posted previously on Jojoblog, you can watch "I'm So Confused" and "I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar" here

The same two videos are offered at Vapor

and "Lesbian Bar" also appears at Yahoo! Music

where you can sample some songs, including "The Origin of Love (Reprise)" from Wig in a Box: Songs From and Inspired by Hedwig & the Angry Inch

more on Wig in a Box the HMI benefit recording

the music from Wig in a Box is used in Follow My Voice, the HMI benefit film documentary with the music of Hedwig

trailer for Follow My Voice

Premiere of Follow My Voice at 2006 Tribeca Film Festival

HMI: Home of The Harvey Milk High School

John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Wikipedia

Hedwig and the Angry Inch at IMDB

which brings us full circle back to "The Origin of Love" at YouTube (from Hedwig, sung by John Cameron Mitchell)

"The Origin of Love (Reprise)" lyrics as sung by Jonathan in Wig in a Box, the CD, and Follow My Voice, the film (Rufus Wainwright performs the first appearance of "The Origin of Love")

Wig in a Box at Amazon

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