Wednesday, May 10

unsung heroes (in May 2006 GQ magazine)

I think that's often how our real links to the artists we love the most are forged: not through sober, reasoned aesthetic judgments but upon specific accidents of history and geography and friendship and circumstance. Often, what matters most to us about music makes the least sense. You can make all the best-album and greatest-guitarist lists you want, and you can shout smart critical truths as loud as you like, but you can't argue someone into a flush of empathy or convince them into a shiver of recognition down their neck.

-- Chris Heath, in "Unsung Heroes" GQ May 2006 p. 194
You must go out right this minute and get this month's GQ (the one with Tom Cruise on the cover). Chris Heath nominates Jonathan as his pick of Unsung Heroes with a wonderful reminiscence, and there is a fabulous full-page black and white picture of Jonathan in Liverpool, from 1978.

More here, including an audio clip of "Hospital"

Note: Our own John R. Williamson is included in this roundup too, nominated by T-Bone Burnett

John can also be found here with the c'est la vies

(thanks TJ and john!)

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