Monday, February 20

Death of a Bassman

Allen "Alpo" Paulino , bass player of the historic line-up of the Real Kids passed away during his sleep at home on February 7.
Alpo is not another rock'n roll casualty a la Johnny Thunder, though his young years could have easily lead him to the same end had he not changed his life style in the 90's.

Alpo was at his beginnings with the Real Kids picturing himself as the re-incarnation of Brian Jones, so he had to replay the whole messy life of the Stones initiator in a couple of years, just name it dope, girls, booze. He did it all..
Look at the picture above,
a derelict.
The band split up several times,
Alpo was not the only one involved with substances... but he emerged out of it and took his destiny in his hands, became a real man. The triggering point was the infamous car accident where he got two fingers chopped off...

Alpo moved from Boston to Cape Cod, became a rehab councelor, helped a lot of people who are grateful to him to this day, he played again in bands ,the Primitive Souls, the Nervous Eaters, the Real Kids again just to record an EP like the early Stones. He was back in the Boston area, in Beverly and was considering rehearsing with his new band "the C.Watts" C standing for Charlie obviously.

Now Alpo is dead and we will remember him as the modern knight of bass guitar, the gentleman boxer of the Rat, who was enjoying his life so much and so violently sometimes. The photo with Billy Borgioli is one of two pals, the real pals/kids.

Alpo's funeral was Saturday morning. I imagine a lonely and chilly drive up to Boston on the Mass Pike and then further along on Route 128 (and the power lines) up to Beverly, it rings a bell does'nt it ? yes.. because all this is happening in Jonathan Richman country.
The harmonies Alpo was singing with John Felice on the 1st Real Kids album are part of rock magic moments.. I still get goose bumps while listening to "Just like darts" or " better be good".
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