Friday, January 20

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pier Paolo Pasolini

BC posted the announcement below of the poetry reading held tonight at Slim's in San Francisco. Jonathan is scheduled to read from a "translation of 'Pier Paolo Pasolini.'" I'm not sure if this is meant to be the recent Roman Poems by Pasolini, translated by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Francesca Valente (info here) and recently published by City Lights, or a personal project of Jonathan's.

Either way, Pasolini was a fascinating Italian artist, political poet, and filmmaker, and readers of this blog may be familiar with Patti Smith's references to him. (Patti Smith's website)

Senses of Cinema has a nice writeup on Pasolini

more here

and here

on his art

Pasolini on his final film, Salò

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