Wednesday, August 31

Sexsmith & Kerr

Calgary Sun, 8-30-05:

"Most of the best memories -- the simple, ingrained and timeless memories -- are summer memories. Coffee on a sundeck. Slurpees in an NHL collector cup. Slip 'n' slide. Sidewalk chalk drawings. Hand-holding.

"All of those memories and more -- tennis courts, playing catch, lemonade stands, etc. -- come flooding forth listening to Destination Unknown, the new disc from Canadian songwriting treasure Ron Sexsmith and his longtime musical collaborator Don Kerr.

"The two friends catch -- to quote Jonathan Richman -- "that summer feeling" as effortlessly as a moth in a jar with this refreshing collection of acoustic songs ripe with melody, infused with harmony and sweetened with an innocence that would be cloying if it weren't entirely and utterly believable.

"'Miracles all around, you've only to follow the sound,' Sexsmith sings on the album's opening track. And when you do, the path will take you to a destination known and not forgotten -- back to those summer memories, those simple memories, the best memories."

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