Friday, April 1

Jon Richman part 9

I ask Jonathan what his long term plans are. He has just bought his first car and is moving up to Maine.

"I'll keep singing live, I guess, unless things change a lot around here. My favorite places to play are in New England and up in Canada. That's where I feel most understood."

How does he feel about being a pop star?

Jonathan pauses. "In Europe I kind of am one. So it's fun. It's also fun that when I'm here I'm not one, you see? I like it either way. But I'm probably getting to like not being one better than being one. It's still a tossup. I enjoy both."

As a final question, I ask Jonathan which movie role he'd most like to play. He furrows his brow and says, "Jimmy Stewart parts."

to be continued

by Bill Flanagan Trouser Press November 1979

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