Sunday, January 23

vintage 1996

From: poppy
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996
Subject: Phil Kaufman reveals little

Just picked up Phil Kaufman's autobiography, which is a very flaky little book. He worked for the Stones and Zappa and Emmylou Harris, but is best known for initiating the Gram Parsons body theft caper.

Anyway, he was somehow associated with the Modern Lovers when they went to LA to record the first LP. Couldn't have been that close a bond, b.c. he misspells Jonathan's name, but they played the benefit for Parson's coffin (oh, its a long story, hope I'm not being a big jerk for not telling it) and there's a neat photo of them at playing that show.

The book otherwise has next-to-no JR content, so find the picture, say "neat!", but don't buy it for the Jojo connection.

-- poppy

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

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