Thursday, December 23

vintage 1997

From: rosebud
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997
Subject: More Beserkely

goran.k wrote:

There was no volume 2, but there was a "Beserkley's Back" album in 78 with a number of Jonathan songs picked from Beserkley albums included.

There was also "Great Ideas from Beserkely-5000 Watts" in 1977 with Ice Cream Man.

And a live German TV concert released as a double album in 1978 called "Bezerk Times: Beserkley Gruppen Stürmen Deutschland" featuring the Rubinoos, Earth Quake, Tyla Gang, and Greg Kihn but no Jonathan Richman.

-- rosebud

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

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