Friday, October 8

Vintage 1995

From: Sarah
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995
Subject: * (interviews)

Hi list (and Mark)!

interview story #1:
here in iowa city, iowa, there's this college radio station and the rumour is that one day in 1989, jonathan richman was here for a show and he said "yes!" when the station asked him for an interview. BUT the problem is that the interviewer, a cocky 20-yr-old, kept askin jr about being old and what was it like to hang out w/ VU, and all this name droppy cars/ t. heads/ old school crap. Jonathan refused to answer questions, saying simply "yes" and "no" until finally he got up and left the station, only a few minutes into the interview! (power to the people! go jonathan!)

interview story #2:
in 1992, when jonathan was coming back, i worked at the student video center and was convinced that i could get a videotaped interview or, even better, some of the show on tape. so, i called rounder, who gave me his agent's #, WHO GAVE ME JONATHAN's #, and said--"call him and ask him , he should be at home." so i was nervous, but i called, and asked, and he said: "i don't do video" i was sad.

interview non-story #3:
still in iowa city, iowa - i work at an alternative weekly paper and, in lieu of jonathan's upcoming show (on the 11th) the a&e editor encouraged me to write a story! get an interview! call rounder! so i did, this time less nervous, and the nice rounder man said "well, jonathan's been kinda hard to pin down lately, he hasn't been very easy to track down, he's hard to get a hold of--I don't know if he'll do an interview but i'll call his agent and he'll call you back" Well, the rounder man sent out a package for me but no interview man ever called. The story came out today, and though it is not an interview, i'm happy that i wrote about him.

anyhoo, i'm interested to find out who, if anyone, he is touring with right now, and his mode of transportation. let me know!

-- sarah

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

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