Wednesday, October 20


Manana (with a tilde over the enyey) -- (oh D-Jan I miss you already! You SO know those secret email type characters!) morning, Oct. 21st, is a good time to catch the Orionid meteor shower, which appears to come from Orion. And, as we all know, Orion is the cat from MEN IN BLACK who has the whole GALAXY around his COLLAR! Not his BELT! Like cats wear belts (?) Phew. What WERE Will and Tommy thinkin??

Anyhow ... the debris coming through our atmosphere is from ... Haley's COMET! Look over there -- there it is! (psyche :) But wait, that's not all ... there's a BONUS! THREE planets will ALSO be visible (we're tawkin without a telescope ...), an' day be: Venus, Jupiter and Saturn!!!

Me: "And how do we remember the planets, boys and girlz?"
You: "I don't know Ms. Moon, how?"
Me: "Like this! My Very Educated Mother Just Saved Us Nine Pies."
You: Oh, I thought it was SOHCAHTOA.
Me: Nope, different grade.

BUT ... wait, that's not all! (and no ginzu knives involved ...:)

NEXT Wednesday there will be a total eclipse of my heart, AND at the SAME time, a TOTAL ECLIPSE of THE MOON!! Coincidence? No f-ing way! Beginning at 9:14 p.m. EDT (6:14 p.m. PDT), the moon will glide ... like ASTRO GEL (which doesn't taste so good) ... through Earth's shadow, for more than THREE hours. (count em' one two ... three loves, and they go tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet like three birds ... which is a building ... which is on FIRE!*) ! Observers on every continent except Australia (KatiePants -- aren't you glad you aren't still THERE? :-) can check it out. The pale white, vampire like MOON will turn a *Happy Halloween Pumpkin Orange!* as it plunges into shadow, becoming an eeeeeerie RED during totality! TOTALITY? Pretty EERIE!!! So give a hoot! Check it out, and think to yourself ..."imagine if I was tripping, man?":-)

Celestially yours foreva, xoxo!!


*from "Love Goes to Building On Fire." I think I wrote it, Byrne probably thinks he wrote it, same old Dylan who wrote what first thang. But it's a good song, regardless! :) I'm not gonna quibble :)

Wishing everyone a HIPPIE Halloween!!! He-he!
(And Democrats in the US -- don't forget to vote!!)

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