Sunday, August 29

'Tis a MAGICAL MOON this Cycle!

Hi MOON LOVERS!! It's THAT TIME AGAIN! Here goes ...

The Moon will be Full Aug. 29 -- NOW! Even though it won't look like an apple or an orange, it's called the FULL FRUIT MOON. The names FRUIT and BARLEY are reserved ONLY for those years when the Harvest Moon is very late in September. This special "End of the Summer -- Beginning of the Fall" Full Moon inspires & effects us differently than other Full Moons. This Full Fruit Moon overtakes & influences us from the moment it is Full (NOW!) throughout the following weeks, as the summer begins to wind down ... and a new season begins to wind up.

Here's a taste (umami) of the types of thought you will feel stirring in your soul. You'll be wondering if the grass really IS greener on the other side of the parking lot, fence, beach, bed, planet, etc. You'll be asking yourself: "Will I be missing out on an opportunity for sheer fun if I don't take a quest for what's 'over there'?" This IS a good time to consider making those changes you've been putting off -- but be sure you're not making such changes to SATISFY A ONE TIME URGE. Therein, lies the complexity of this magical Moon.

Enjoy the Full Fruit Moon (also called the "Instigator Moon" by a rare tribe in Brazil that worship the, almost now extinct, two inch high pygmy Owl). Share your journey with us all! We can learn from each other with this provocative Fruit/Instigator Full Moon, because, well, we will encounter similar stirrings, perhaps under different circumstances, again next year!

I LOVE the smell of a Full Fruit Moon early in the morning ... :)


Malary Moon
Being Celestial :)

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