Friday, July 30

BLUE MOON ... I saw you standing alone ... :)


If you lived in Europe or the Americas, the BLUE MOON came to a sky near you LAST WEEK! Like I told ya earlier this month, when the full BUCK moon was upon us, we were due TWO FULL MOONS in July! Why? Because people with influence, serious math-magics and a PINCH of turmeric (just a pinch) all contribute to what makes now be now, then be then, and so forth, be so forth. People say the Blue Moon's over and done with, but I still taste it in me bones. Til the NEXT Full Moon this one'll last!


READY? Heeeeere we go! 2K years ago, Julius & Augustus (July & August?) Caesar ARBITRARILY decided the lengths of the months in our human-made calendar -- which didn't match up so perfect with the natural cycle of moon phases. For example, 19 years equals 228 calendar months, which is almost 235 lunar months, (the amount of time from one full moon to the next.) So, we end up with 7 more lunar months -- hence Full Moons -- than there are calendar months. So in a 19 year period, there are bound to be 7 months which have 2 Full Moons, right? Let's say, a BLUE MOON occurs ABOUT once every 2.5 yearz.

Why two Full Moons in a single month? Funny you should ask. The reason is because the natural cycle of moon phases doesn't match up with our human-made calendar. For example,19 years equals 228 calendar months, which is almost exactly equal to 235 lunar months (a lunar month is the amount of time from one Full Moon to the next). So, just trust me on this, there are 7 more lunar months—and hence Full Moons—than there are calendar months. So, in 19 years, there are like 7 months which have 2 Full Moons! So, a month with 2 Full Moons occurs ABOUT once every 2.5 yearz. Too easy for Math-Magic, right? Right! Because some yearz have TWO months with TWO Full Moons. Remember 1999? Who could forget that Blue Moons occurred in both January AND March?

This past July, people living in Europe, Africa, and N. &S. America experienced a Blue Moon on Saturday, July 31, 2004. People in New Zealand, Australia, and the East Asia saw the Blue Moon on August 30, 2004. Why? It'd take too long to explain, but it's a time zone thang, nothing personal.
There's lots of stuff about Blue Moonz. Like that yuppie game, Trivia Pursuit that takes sometimes 5 hours to get all the "pieces of the pie?" It gives the WRONG answer to the Blue Moon question. But the part I like, is that the earliest known meaning of the phrase "Once in a Blue Moon" indicated ... the absurd, like it wouldn't really happen. And it has ever since!

Wishing everyone a GLORIOUS Julius/Augustus Blue Moon, and ... well ... may each and every pull on the ol' tides bring us joy, fun, dancing, laughter, adjectives, and even more adjectives!!!

Until the NEXT MOON ... please post your "HOWLING stories!"

Ahhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! Warewolf in London!! (and his hair was perfect :)

Miss Malary Moon

P.S. I've got some AWESOME Warren Zevon .jpgs I took on stage with the dude, back when he still had a lotta life to give, so email me if you want copies. Warren alwayz knew that: "There's a Bathroom on the Right!"

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