Monday, June 7



... tomorrow at about 7 am EST and I posted the info to the ListGod JoJo List, so check there, and now my computer's failing ... I think it's all the energy in the air ... so this post only needs to stay on for 24 hours, so just type "VENUS and SUN" in Google or anywhere, and find out WHERE you can watch this once every 122(give or take:) years and THIS is bigger than the FULL STRAWBERRY MOON, and it's all happening in the midst of a Blue Moon July to come!

I never said I was MALARY SUN ... but tomorrow morning ... watch this thing you can tell your cat's grandkitties about! Turn on the news ... it's no secret ... and tell your story if you get one!! I think you just might!

Signing off to get up at 7 am tomorrow ... camera in hand and all ... MALARY SUN just this once. Venus ... wasn't she the Goddess of love? :) That's Amore!

MALARY MOON ... last minute report on the SUN and what will be happening to it! It's THE DAY BEFORE!!!! :)

"Sunshine, on my shoulders makes me happy ..."
"Let the Sunshine in! Take it with a grin ... :) "
"I think I'll go for a walk outside now, Summertime's calling my way, I hear it now I just can't stay inside all day, gotta get out, gotta get awayyy! Everybody's smiling! Sunshine Day! Everybody's Happy! Sunshine Day ... "

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