Wednesday, May 19

Two Kewl Things!

Jonathan's Birthday is the same as when "Pet Sounds" was released ...

and ... "Wouldn't it be nice!" if that was all the news fit to print :) BUT, turns out I that I had a dream that Gordon, who handled/created/managed ... lot of work stuff! of the Jonathan Richman list from way back when and guess what?? He didn't really run away, he knew when to say it's ok to pass this on to Jim Morrison's incarnation or whoever List God may be, and he got a job that I hope he really likes and vs. vs. at! That's cool! In this economy? It's hopeful. it's inspiring, it's rare!

SO ... more power to Gordoni who left his list in good hands, to LISTGOD, who is doing a fine job. But how cool it is to hear that Gordon's reason for saying "Take this job I've, had enuf" is because he got a cool job that he digs!

May it stay that way, and maybe someday may he even be so well versed at Google (I LOVE Google!) that he has time to lurk from here and there.

Peace and love,

Season Warhol / Malary's evil twin ... :)

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