Sunday, May 2

Pictures of JONATHAN!

Awesome pic RB!
(I liked the snowman, too :)

I am pretty sure I emailed you all the .jpgs that I have scanned of this man -- and a few of Warren Zevon taken from sitting ON the stage (or I should say Sarah scanned for me -- I gave her a bag of Jonathan paraphanalia (sp?) one Thanksgiving, and she comes back at Christmas for our sushi "meetup" with all kinds of cool stuff, and my pics scanned on a CD for me! She lives in the MODERN WORLD, oh yeah!

But ... RB, feel free to post any of the .jpgs I sent ya on your blog if the spirit moves ya. And if you don't have them, I can send them to you again. I can send them to anyone who wants them -- just e-mail me and you'll have .jpgs waiting at the door. This WILL happen because I don't have to go to the post office. If I have to go to the post office, I get so confused I end up just going to a bar. I've had a lot of fun trying to get to the post office, though! :) You meet interesting people at a bar sitting there with a secret package that was supposed to have been mailed. Better than a "conversation tie!" (yes Mr. Milenko, if you've found your way to this blog, I stole that phrase from you. Thanks!:)

DA Jacques ... you're here ... tawk to us! In French if you wanna! :)

Peace Out!

... and I'm now singing "Pictures of Lily" in my head over and over. It's not easy being Malary! (or ANY of my names! :) OK, my head changed songs to Cheryl Crow ... "no one said it would be easy ..." I like that one better. Phew.

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