Wednesday, May 19

JOEY RAMONE is totally famous -- how kewl?

Those darn Geminis, huh? Talented as hell, and so confused, and well ... Thanks for that pic RB because I stood right there many a time when it was ... Bleeker and Bowery? Or "Bleeker and Blury?" I lost my really old CBGBs shirt. I can get a new on from the canteen, but did I leave it at any of you guyz' apts? Just retracing my steps ... probably left it next to someone's pool at night. Oh hell. I needed a new one anyhow. Sometimes things happen for a reason :)

I'm WAY NOSTALGIC about the Ramones (seen them more than, yes ... Jonathan!) ... and was just talking about them today. The Office Manager where I work has a 14 year old stepdaughter who LOVES them the way I did then and still do, so I'm going through all my "Sire Records" goodies, because she is SO the girl to give it to! And the Office Manager, one amazing woman who I'm lucky to know -- she has to listen to "U2" all the way to school and back with her kidz, and she's a trooper. Anyone else have any Ramones stuff that either I sent ya or you acquired that you want to rock a 14 year old gal's soul with? Her step mom will pay, but, because I know amazing she is, I can't give this kewl Jonnie Mitchel looking 29 year old enuf! I'll trade B-52s stuff, like a swap, because her stepdaughter doesn't dig em :)

OK ... bye!
(When my mom and dad named me "Season" I thought, I might
want to be the girl from Family Ties instead. They don't mind. Hope yu don't.:)

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