Thursday, May 6

Amsterdam - another review

Yesterday, Frank posted his very nice report of last Sunday's Amsterdam show.
Thanks Frank! Great review!
And hey, you wrote:
"I met dJAn and he'll probably will do his review as well."
Did you leave anything to review? ;-) Your playlisting system is just so thorough! Well, I'll pick some other details :-)

It was really nice to meet some of you folks. Frank was there, of course, and Inge was, and Sjoerd as well. Even Rosebud was there, on my left hand, all in blue. (Just a little magic ;-) Hey Sjoerd, great pictures you sent to the blog! (I'm there right in front of Jonathan, but it's hard to see, my Faded-Color Out-To-Play Squirt-Gun-Purple T-shirt rather indistinguishable.) Oh, wow, now Frank's pictures are on the blog as well! So nice, thanks! Hey Inge, tell us about being 'very special guest' at Vera ;-) And tell Mikthechippy/ Mikvanhelsing if they really are all 'batty' at Vera. Did anyone hang from the ceiling? Sjoerd, have you listened/ watched the Plaza DVD that you bought yet? I think it's just what one needs, the days after, to prevent nasty withdrawal symptoms. I'm not kiddin'! I'm still in a happy haze, but there's also a certain hurting from the knowledge that it'll be years probably, till the next show :-(

This show was SO NICE! Frank already told us about that. But well, I didn't even need to beg for "Imprevedibile" (I would've, you know ;-) it was right there. And even later on, as a great reprise :-)
Oh, and those other new songs, I lost my heart to all of 'em. Jonathan started playing "Egyptian Reggae" and right after that he did "Lilies in the Field". I don't know if it's new, Jonathan's, or if it's a cover, but it stole my heart! This night couldn't go wrong!

Hey, well, last Friday Mal inquired:
"Is there a certain season of the tides where squirrels have soft bones?"
All the Amsterdam squirrels were wonderful soft bony. Very delicate. And there were lots of nice and juicy sea monkeys as well!
And last Sunday that same rawking girl quizzed:
"Q: What movie is that last quote from?
Prize: Free nitrous oxide from Jan :) "
The Amsterdam squirrels and sea monkeys were just so ripe and mellow, they were oozing, steaming thick clouds of nitrous oxide. Luckily, pills are dealt as candy at Amsterdam concerts, so we all could easily provide ourselves with lots of beautiful vitamin B12. Maybe we'll live to see another Jonathan show. Just maybe.

Oh, yeah, let's not forget the French couple, celebrating their wedding anniversary. I haven't met her, but he was telling about how he liked "Egyptian Reggae" and "Roadrunner", especially "Roadrunner", and how he was hoping Jonathan would play that one. Well, we said, not so much chance to that happening. It seemed like "Roadrunner" and "Egyptian Reggae" were the only ones he knew, and the guy was wondering what the hell Jonathan was doing if not "Roadrunner".
After the show the man came to say goodbye, and to say how much he had enjoyed the show! This was music right from and to the heart, he said. And he was so right, of course :-)

Bye everyone, Jan

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