Monday, April 26


Hi. My name is Malary and I just heard Jonathan play for the first time on that movie -- The Big Chill? No wait -- Something about some chic. That was it. He got shot at the end. I hope Kill Bill 2 doesn't end that way. It was so sad. They should warn you about dogs on top of cars and girls in comas getting prostituted against their -- coma will.

But I would like to learn about the movie King Pin, because I actually OWN a corner store, inside my T-Bird-Vego-matic, and I hope I don't have to close it. I sell ... well, mostly, you tell me what you want, then I drive around or walk around and find it. It's like living in a free world, but it does get cold if you park in the wrong part of the world.

So if anyone wants to email me to tawk, or mostly, join this BLOG (I don't even know what that stands for!) I am just hoping this will go thru. Again, I'm new. Is his name "RichMan?" That sounds kewl! But he seemed married to Carmen Diaz, or that drummer fellow in the movie.
OK, the baby sitter is home, I gotta go!

MalaryManicCure :)

testing testing ... 5 6 7 8 !!!

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