Wednesday, April 28

Multi Xeroxed Personalities

"Jan is tinkering with the wayback machine. I hope he doesn't get stuck!" Rosebud wrote on the rblog, last Saturday. She's so concerned for our well-being. And she rightly is: I kinda did get jammed in there. I should've taken care. I got waybacked! Anyway, I managed to wriggle my way out, and here I am.
But now I wonder about those bright flashes of light. And that ozony smell. I seem to be here, and there as well... And more people seem to be... Blog, Old List, New List, Yahoo. How many clonings can one endure? I myself must be singularly concentrated to one entity, to maintain some integrity. I must focus myself to the New List. But I'll visit the blog every once in a while to see what's cooking.

Bye, Jan :-)

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