Wednesday, April 28

Leprachauns open to manic "constructive Criticism!" How AWESOME!

Hi! I deleted a previous message on here about how my messages were being filtered and deleted on the yahoo list, and well, woke up this morning ... and voila! There were my messages -- and even the one that got deleted!

So, I just want to say THANK you for this awesome act of PROGRESS, that, if given a justified complaint, you will consider it -- and THAT's not Nazi moderation -- that's AWESOME! I'll be good from here on in, I promise. And I won't tell Jonathan about the list, didn't know it was a secret -- have told him before and he just laughs because he knows nothing about computers -- but if I did tell him that I felt something was unfair, expressed it, and it got changed, I know it would make him happy. Like the song "Neighbors."

Have a GLORIOUS day in this happy happy joy filled "BE NICE" Blog! I won't be posting ALL DAY (darn, huh?) because the donuts REALLY have to be made today. I played too much yesterday -- but it was fun! Now to LIST KING to tell his list how the Rocking Yahoo Moderator is a happening dude/dudette/meow (?) I dunno, but OK in my book.

Thanks again!!

Anyone need a Laura Palmer CD? That I can do :)


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