Wednesday, April 28

I luv u 2 Simes, & time to toast RB!!!!

My dearest Simes,

(who HAS been known to go off topic, for ME, to precisely explain why KILL BILL Volume 1 was QT's 4th movie! I love you just for THAT!! I'm like the QT trivia gal on the block now!! :)

But yeah, I hear ya. I know I can be a bit much -- I have been since kindergarten, and well, the fact that you could toss me in with a grin to your post and STILL say you luv me -- you "over the pond folk are the best!" Nancy B -- are you here yet? I miss you! :) DA Jacques -- glad you are here.

Maybe you can ALL help me. RB, as we know, has done such a great job of basically OVERNIGHT setting up this beautiful Blog, and well, I want to kind of like, well, along with saying "what famous person would play you in your film biography?" which I asked below (do tell! Good thread to start on!:) but ...

I would like us to all raise our glasses of water, pantomime, wine, beer, whatever you would like, and make a toast to Rosebud:

"To Rosebud: May your every pedal continue to blossom and grow to your heart's desire!"

I luv you too Simes, and now let's hear it for RB! The Blog Genius!! I'm not great at toasts so PLEASE add your own toast to the gal who I think could probably use a lot of sleep about now. But when she wakes up? How nice to have some well deserved warm sentiments of appreciation for a hard week?

with affection and LENz,


Now U and U and U make a toast to our host, because mine was corny, but I meant it! :)

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